Saturday, July 9, 2011

Disconnecting and reconnecting

The scent of nature: wood smoke, trees, moist earth, the occasional berry...
Hearing waves lap at the shore, quietly rocking you to peace in their mantra.  The wind rustling the leaves into whispered songs.  Oh yes.

This is the Lake.

Hmmm.  I can't wait.  Nights full of stars (and hopefully fireworks tonight!)  Roasting marshmallows hey, when you find something you're good at... and enjoying the tranquility that comes from removing yourself from distractions.

You can go a place for years, and still encounter something new that touches your soul... such as this:

Have you ever seen something this gorgeous?  Okay, it's more striking when not seen through a zoom lens. But either way, it's beautiful to behold.

I'm off, for the next few days, to reconnect with nature and disconnect from technology and stress.  So long!  Enjoy a few slow moments of the summer.


  1. You are pretty great at roasting marshmallows!!

  2. And rest assured, I roasted away each and every night...those abnormally large marshmallows that are about the size of my head after roasting...sadly, a bit too large for s'mores...not that it stopped me.


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