Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today's greek wrap

Ever since I went to the Green Spoon in Walla Walla, I've been a fan of their Greek Veggie Sandwich.  I, however, do not live in Walla Walla, and cannot feed my addiction often.  I've been forced to come up with my own version (alright, alright, it's not that hard to do).

I've made it many times's the perfect easy lunch for time at the lake (or when you're cleaning an apartment you've just moved out of)  So, I'm here to share it's goodness with you.

What you need:
1 wrap (I prefer the high fiber, but any will do)
sun dried tomatoes
1/2 tomato
sprouts (any kind you like)
crumbled feta
*olive tapenade
**cucumber slices

*Usually I throw on olive tapenade, but I don't currently have any.  I decided a pesto would be a good alternative for today.

**I ran out of cucumber at breakfast, so none on this one.  But cucumber is highly recommended addition.

I'm guessing you can figure out how to make it from there...just look at the pictures...

That's the hummus on the bottom...and some sun dried tomatoes are sprinkled on top.  Pesto is also under all those sprouts.  Then, toss on the sprouts you want.  Cut up some tomato, spread it on top... this is usually where I drop some cucumber when I have it.  This is the time to add the tapenade, as well, but as it's still at the store and not in my kitchen, so it's missing from the picture.  Crumble the feta... and voila!  Deliciousness.  And it took, what, 5 minutes?

Lunch, however, is still not done.  What's a summer lunch without some fruit?  Some salad greens, spinach, and berries, and I'm set.  Now, go eat.

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