Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday treat update

The manfriend's birthday came for a visit.  Being the fantastic girlfriend that I am, I bowed my little head and slaved away in the kitchen.

If you want details on the food, check it out on my new foodie blog here.  I won't bore you with it all right now.

I'm just here to announce the winner from the poll...

With breakfast, we had mini banana split bites (minus ice cream, but with candles).  Cuteness overload.

That night, when the dinner plates were whisked away, coffee appeared accompanied by glass mugs of heaven.  It's also known as Tiramisu, but you know, heaven describes it pretty well.  I know we're into portion control right now, but, honestly, I think I should have made double...maybe triple the amount of Tiramisu.

1 comment:

  1. So why is he the "man" friend and you're still the "girl" friend?
    Either he's a "boy" friend, or you're a "woman" friend.


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