Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For all those car chases you get into

Tire spikes.

Just toss them out the window toward the car chasing you...they're guaranteed to land with a spike in the air, each and every time.  The tires hit them and BAM! you can continue on your merry way.  Perfectly legal (we think).  Perfectly safe (for you).

If you cannot contain yourself long enough to find a store that sells them, my brother is looking to get rid of his tire spikes (what a loss) call him up and see if you can be a lucky winner.


  1. I always love a blog post about events I find myself getting into more and more often.
    I think the summer makes everyone a tad angry...

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. These portable roadblock devices were designed for law enforcement use in field situations where an immediate vehicle-disabling roadblock is required. Don't let their small size, portability, and instant deployment capabilities fool you. Nearly any vehicle driving over one of these devices will have an immediate blow-out. Constructed from heavy gauge 5/16" hardened round steel with Class Four tip and .3" razor edges, each unit has four 2" long spikes. No matter how they are thrown on the ground, one point will always land facing straight up and ready for action! Create instant roadblocks, stop pursuing and fleeing vehicles, protect private property, etc. The applications are limited only by your imagination. Use with extreme caution and discretion. Color: rust. Sold in boxes of 5.


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