Monday, August 8, 2011

Hearing things

Do you ever hear things? No, not voices in your head that tell you to do creepy things like stalk someone or bomb a building. Just, things.

Like right now, I swear I heard a panpipe. What do you mean "what are panpipes?" Panpipes, you know, the bunch of different lengths of tubes tied together. You blow into the end...It's a musical instrument from the Andes...
photo from
There is no music playing, no radio on. The neighbor's band does not feature a panpipe solo (although if it did, I might have to re-think my opinion of the band).

I'm just sitting outside, and suddenly I heard a few lilting notes, like a shaman was calling me back to Ecuador. It was real, I tell you. It did not sound like it was in my head. I didn't see anything strange, no twirling of brightly colored cloth, no dancing Andean singers began to bark (they do that in many traditional songs), I just heard it.
Dancer in Otavalo, Ecuador
A real noise.

Like panpipes.

But apparently not panpipes.

And no, before you ask, it wasn't the ice cream truck that stalks the neighborhood with odd songs.

I wonder what it was, apart from my overactive imagination coming back to life again. Does this happen to you, or am I really just that odd?

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