Thursday, August 11, 2011

Since I started the theme...

Spiders. Yes, they are much hated and feared. I'm truly sorry if you have to quickly click past this post for fear a spider will come to life from your screen and attack you.

I figured that since I had been posting about eight legged creatures I should share something I'm sure most of you have never seen or heard of.

A scorpion spider.

I thought it was a joke when the then-manfriend pointed him out while walking in the rain forest.

Manfriend: (up ahead and halfway behind a tree) "Ven aca! Check this out, friends."

Me: "What am I looking for?"

Manfriend: "Aquí. A scorpion spider!" he gestures toward the ground about a foot from the tree.

Me: "Scorpion spider? I don't believe you. I've never heard of a scorpion spider...(he must be joking)...and all I see is a black stick."

Manfriend: "Sí. Es the spider."

Me: "Uhm, what?" I peer harder at the stick.
All of a sudden I see it. It is a spider! With long, long legs. And claws. Long, scary looking claws, that he can apparently use to reach out and catch prey. Its like a daddy long legs on crack. With claws. And a disproportionately large body. And have I mentioned the claws? With teeth?  (Look closely.)  Kinda cool, but most definitely weird.

I'm just glad I'm a human and not whatever it is that they eat.  That would be a horrible, ugly death.

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