Monday, September 19, 2011

Holidays: I'll never understand

I know time seems to go faster and faster as we get older.  Holidays come quicker and quicker.  When I walked through the doors at the Walmart, the Halloween items were staring at me with their ghoulish faces.  A bit early, wouldn't you say?
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Eventually the thought hit me that Halloween is at the end of next month, so it's not too outlandish.  (Well, except for the costumes.  Apparently we all have to be loose women or vulgar men for the holiday*.)

But then I found this:
This, this is what I found...not just a shelf, or even just a row...but a section.  Christmas?  Already?  We're still three months and two major holidays out!  Speaking of which, we apparently have Halloween and Christmas...and no Thanksgiving items*.  Not one.  I'm sensing inequality's like the month of November doesn't exist...
*A petting zoo with a "horse" on your man-parts?  The one eyed monster?  (I'll leave that image up to you.)  Snow White in the equivalent of a bikini with stockings?

**I didn't even see pumpkins that could double for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving gets overlooked so often, though it's a great holiday where we get to celebrate family, be thankful...and stuff our faces!

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