Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clowning around

The latest and greatest in the cake pop series:  Clowns!

Made specially for a birthday party for my coworker's son.

They came out rather cute in the end...but I had my doubts.  The first ones seemed not-so-cute...maybe a tad on the scary side*.  My coworker didn't like the party hats she saw on clowns in my Cake Pop book, so I skipped that part.
I had a bit of difficulty with you can tell, a lot of them fell off the stick.  Oh well!  We have stick-less clowns!  (Does that make them clown balls?)

A bit of advice for anyone who attempts to make these:  use tightly twisted fruit roll ups for the mouth, or Twizzlers.  Do not be like me and use Rips Whips, which does not conform to a smile shape very easily.

* It's the eyes.  I didn't like** the eyes...

**Hint for others:  Do NOT use mini m&ms for eyes and add dots.  I unfortunately decided to on one that was already doomed with a stick through it's really lends itself to the psycho murderous clown image.

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