Monday, December 12, 2011

Brazilian travels

I'm watching Globetrekker. Tonight it's a peppy British woman who overreacts to everything she puts in her mouth, which is a lot, being that the show is featuring traditional food of Brazil.

Not surprisingly, she loves the vast majority of the food. The main exception is the really dumb things, like randomly grabbing a fruit from the Amazon and shoving it in her mouth. Of course, it turns out that that is the bitter one that needs to first be cooked.

I really shouldn't watch traveling shows. It makes me crave traveling yet again...and reminds me of my mouthwatering exploits. (There's a triangular, cotton candy-y white fruit on the ecuadorian coast that's unlike anything I've ever tried...and don't get me started on passionfruit...or mora ice cream.)

The biggest distraction - this lady should really add a bra to her ensemble.

But really, my advice: pass on the fresh coconut on the beach. It's bitter and smelly, and not in a good way. I will take one of those hot Brazilian men strutting by on the sand, though. Oh wait, did I say that?

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