Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What do you mean locked out?

This past weekend, the fiancé and I decided to take a drive out into the glorious world beyond the living room.  This involved a variety of establishments, some for refreshments, some for specific items (I'm working on new cake pops again), and some just to see what's out there.

Among my treasures is a new concise Russian grammar book.  Hah.  I'm digging myself in deeper and deeper here.  добро пожаловать!  ('dabro pazhalavat' for those who can't read Russian)  Welcome to my world.  The beauty of this language eludes me...maybe it's all the consonants involved, which make it explode from the mouth in harsh jumbles.

But that's not the point.

After a lovely day out meandering, we returned to the house.  Only then did we find out that the typically perfectly functioning system that syncs up the fiancé's fancy car with the garage door was not working.

Uhm.  This is a problem.

Specifically, being overly paranoid about safety, the fiancé locks the storm door as well as the front door.  They require different keys.  We're lacking one of them on our key rings.  You're already thinking no problem, just go around back.

Ah, but if only it were that simple.

Did I mention the fiancé is overly paranoid about safety?  The gates into the backyard are padlocked.  So, this is what ensues:
Climbing over a couple gates, finding a door that matches the key on our keyring, entering through said door, and then opening the garage to the let the other person in. I think we need to re-think the key situation we have going on at the house.

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  1. Ya know, since we only live about 5 minutes from your house, you could hide a key over here for these kinds of situations!


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