Monday, March 12, 2012

A shameless plug

Browsing around the app store, I came across this little gem.

Lined Up!

Hours of endless entertainment and brain bending.

It's the classic game of strategy: reduce the number of colored balls on the screen by lining them up in rows of 5 or more.  (Even diagonals work.)  However, do it in the least moves possible, or you get overloaded by mismatched balls, as more are placed with each move.

Not only do I while away the hours playing this, it supposedly keeps my brain healthy.  And I'm pretty proud of my high score... (4213)

(Now I'm just waiting for game center integration).

I might be too distracted by this game...

I might play constantly play it while watching tv... The fiancé will never understand how I manage to do both activities at the same time.

(You should go buy it and compete with me.)

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