Thursday, August 1, 2013

Teething: the nightmare has begun

Superbaby has turned into Grumpy McGrumps the past couple of days.  Add to that an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep longer than an hour at a time, an insatiable urge to suck and bite everything she can grab, and an almost constant urge to nurse, and we have what is known as teething.
Today I found proof that teething is the culprit of all of this: a white line of teeth showing through the gums.  Granted, it's hard to see, especially since superbaby doesn't like it when I look.

Please let us get through this stage quickly.

Grumpy McGrumps needs to be a very short phase or I will completely lose my sanity. (Though, she seems to be happy playing and gurgling with daddy.)


  1. Good picture! I could see the teeth coming in - ouch! Poor baby and poor mommy. I'm worried about this for my son. He has chewing on everything and teething, slobbering on everything. Lol. Still sleeping at night though. The doctor said that teeth could come in anywhere from 3 months to 13 months!

    1. She's been super slobbery for a while now, but lately it's like a faucet that doesn't turn off. I thought, "oh, maybe teething," but she is now super fussy, especially when trying to sleep. It takes hours to get her down (and we just got her to put herself to sleep)!

      Yesterday afternoon/evening, not even her teethers were good enough for her...or my fingers...or cloths of any sort. It was not fun.


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