Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good eats

Walla Walla is a quaint little town full of college students, small-town folk, and wine lovers.  Strolling along the well-treed streets with a slight breeze oozing a quiet song, I am surprised by the tranquility I find. Downtown is cute, albeit small, and full of specialty shops.

Handing the control of lunch over to my friend, we meander past beautiful restaurants with heavenly aromas wafting through the open doors.  That place looks good...and so does that one...where are we going?  Eventually we stop in front of a modern-looking restaurant.  Green Spoon is blatantly scrawled above my head in green and white letters.

A: Want to look at the menu and decide if it's good enough?

Me: Uhm, sure.  Of course it's good enough.  I'll eat here.

After a cursory glance at the menu, I reply "let's go in."

Following my friend's lead, we walk into a very sleek restaurant and are seated at a chrome table by a slender, perky blonde.  With menus in hand, we peruse our options.  Asian chicken salad sandwich.  Tabbouleh salad.  Asian Aji Burger.  House Salad.  Green Spoon Veggie Burger.  Rice Bowl.  The Daily Three.  Green Plate Special. Uh oh.  I have to

The waitress comes back twice before we're finally ready to order.  A. decides on the Lamb Burger...sounds interesting, but I haven't been impressed with lamb in the past.  And I, mmmm, I get the Greek Veggie Sandwich.  Our drinks arrive in modern cylindrical glasses and we wait.

As the kitchen is open to the seating area, it's easy to watch the fire flare up as food is being cooked.  Mounds of salad are added to most of the plates before being passed to customers.  Watching it all feeds my appetite.  Soon, the food arrives at our table.  I missed something while partially watching the plating process...something important.

Daintily topping my salad: strawberries!  It doesn't need to be said that I'm a huge fan.  My first bite of food is not my hummus, cucumber, tomato, tapenade, and feta sandwich.  Oh no.  My first bite is leafy greens and a quarter of a strawberry.  Heaven.  Forget the sandwich, I just want this salad!  But knowing that the sandwich had me salivating before I ordered, I feel obligated to pick it up and take a bite.  Yeah, right.  I'm not giving up my sandwich, either.  Nor am I going to share.  Where has this food been all of my life?  Walla Walla?  I think I need to move here.

I finish my salad and sandwich in record time, glad that salad is the side and not the typical chips or fries.  My friend informs me that her lamb burger is just as delicious (she received the amazing strawberry salad, too), and I believe her.  If you're ever in Walla Walla, go to the Green Spoon.  Go.  You won't regret it.

Walking through the door one more time, we innocently notice the candy store right next door.  Bright's Candies.  When have I ever been able to resist candy?  Just a glance...caramel apples, truffles of every sort, chocolate covered fruit, hand dipped almond roca, seafoam. Hahahaha! You're crazy.  I can't resist spun molasses covered in dark chocolate.  Seafoam it is!  I didn't even make it over to where the ice cream is (and for me, that's saying something).

So, all in all, if you're ever in Walla Walla, eat at Green Spoon.  And have dessert at Bright's.

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  1. Thanks for the info about Walla Walla! Not sure when/if we'll ever get over there, but we'll remember your praise of the Green Spoon and Bright's Candies!!


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