Friday, July 29, 2011

A car's personality

Cruising down the road, it's not road rage or idiot drivers that catch my attention.  Well, sometimes I mutter under my breath at people that aren't driving very well.  What I really notice are the cars have faces (and personalities) they do.

Haven't you ever seen Herbie?  Or Cars?  C'mon now.  I'm not the only one that sees faces.  Geez.  You're the weird one, not me.

See?  It's a bunny!
You don't see it?  Well look here...(the ears are kinda hard to see at this angle, but trust me, they're there)

Now do you see it?  If you don't, look harder. Use a little imagination!

Alright, you found it.  *applause* Good.  Moving on... here's another one.  This time it's an embarrassed Asian...
No?  You don't believe me?  Look again.

Still no?  One last time...(I took the liberty of adding on hair)...

You finally saw it?  Oh good.  Let's find another, shall we?  This one is a manly car...
How do I know, you ask?  Well, keep looking...I forgot to label the large (wise?) forehead.  You do see it, don't you?
You still don't believe me, do you?  Let me draw you a picture...
There!  Got it...even though I picture the logo to be his nose, which is a bit too high on his face.  Oh well.  Plus, all the angles of the car make him seem manly...and for some reason I get the vibe that he's an older man, not as young as my drawing makes him seem...more mature, wise...

I hope you can now go out and find your own car faces.  Let me know what you come across...or what the car you drive looks like.  I mean, we do name our cars, don't we?  (I know a Lola, a Hilary, a Svetlana, and a Godzilla...)

Disclaimer:  It is not my intention to offend or harm anyone.  Every intent has been made to conceal the identity of the car owners.  If you feel that I have misused a picture of your car and would like it taken off my site, please feel free to contact me and request it's removal.


  1. You are so weird.
    Meanwhile, why don't you download some of these and start handing them out when appropriate.


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