Friday, July 15, 2011

My poor aching feet...but cheesecake makes everything better

Photo from The Cheesecake Factory
Today was day número uno in San Francisco. I awoke bright and not-so-cheerfully early. For me, in the summer, 7:00 is the buttcrack of dawn-it shouldn't exist. And yet it does. My eyes partially cracked open, I pulled my phone over to examine the options for my day.

I quickly found a link yet again to the Exploratorium. I've come across it like, three times. It must be a sign.

Done. The day is decided. Off to the Palace of the Arts to learn science and play with weird experiments!

It doesn't take too long to get ready and walk out the door. The arrival to the Palace, well, takes longer than it probably should, being that part of the time is spent walking the wrong direction...or taking the bus the opposite way...but nevertheless, Adventure! San Francisco is full of beautiful architecture to be seen. Despite a few minor mishaps, arrival is within the hour.

It's easy to blow several (4) hours at the Exploratorium. More to come (with pictures) soon once I can upload them. After becoming slightly bored with the million and a half exhibits, it's time to go. Forget the aching feet and headache, it's time to walk San Francisco.

The next several hours are spent meandering the streets checking out the scenery. There are some beautiful views of Alcatraz and the bay, and some not-nearly-as-attractive views of a naked man laying in the got worse when he stood up and tried to keep pace with us...moving on...

We walk through parts of Golden Gate Park, Fisherman's Wharf, and the piers. Anyone feel the need for an Alcatraz: Psych department shirt? Eventually hundreds of tourists, myself included, shove our way onto a trolley. Escape from the hoard finally comes at Union Square, where it's time to do a bit of shopping. Who am I kidding? With names such as Bulgari, Luis Vuitton, and Saks Fifth Avenue, I'm mostly gazing into windows.

As I give my poor feet a break from standing 95% of my day, a sign catches my attention: The Cheesecake Factory. I. Must. Go. There. Being that lunch was a minuscule salad and a spoonful of quinoa with veggies, and "dinner/snack" was approximately half a combo from In and Out, I'm in the mood for cheesecake. Alright, alright, it's just an excuse. I mean, it's cheesecake!

So, climbing up to the eighth floor of the building, I paid my homage to cheesecake. Real dinner plans with the bbf, along with the huge crowds, keep me from ordering a meal. But I can buy a piece to go...Mango Key Lime sounds about right.

After about another 45 mintues, I can't handle it any longer. While waiting for the bbf to get out of work, I hide out in a Starbucks with a coffee in one hand and my cheesecake in the other. I between bites, I'm writing this blog. My feet have been aching for hours now, but miraculously, with each bite, the pain seems to disappear a little. Cheesecake. It's the miracle cure.

I should patent it or something.

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