Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life's little absurdities

The gym:  It's a place where you go to sweat, to up your heart rate.  You lift weights.  Stretch.  Contort your body into weird positions in yoga.  Test your endurance in pilates.  The gym says "be healthy!"  When you over indulge, it's the hefty price you pay.

It's not the place you go to make eyes at a man or pick up a beautiful woman.  I mean, we're all sweaty there.  Or rather, we should be.  I'll never understand the girls who prance around half-clad in spandex and a bra in order to watch the men lift too-heavy weights in an effort to impress.  Those people never really do anything while at there.

I guess I can maybe see where they're coming from...people at the gym might be healthy and fit (that's a big might).  However, what I absolutely don't understand are the people who turn on food tv.  The Food Network.  Top Chef.  Ace of Cakes.  America's Best Desserts.  Are you trying to punish yourself?  I mean, when my regularly scheduled program is interrupted to show me a blizzard from Dairy Queen, I'm scrambling to change the channel before I get the craving for a blizzard...or french fries.  I don't want to stare at food, it's like punishing myself.  How do you gawk at amazing-sounding, sinfully high-calorie dishes for an hour while you're at the gym?

Or is that why you leave after only 30 minutes...?

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  1. I'm terrible when it comes to the gym. (And I have a free membership!) I wish I was more dedicated to it, since I know I'm out of shape. The first time I went, the only one in there was me and this buff dude, who kept grunting REALLY loudly and oddly as he lifted weights. I tried hard not to laugh, but well...I had to leave in order to crack up.

    Yeah, I know. Pathetic. ;)

  2. I actually enjoy the me weird. I just have to have the time to go. If it causes me stress, I won't do it.

    There are always the weird guys there who grunt...or once a guy started on the elliptical next to me. Every 5 to 7 minutes, he'd blow his nose into his shirt and keep running. It was disgusting.


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