Saturday, September 3, 2011

50 years and cupcakes

My parents recently celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss...or at least 50 years dealing with children and family life.  I have to say a big "Congratulations!" to them.  Fifty years is hard, especially in this day and age.  It's rare to come across marriages that last that long.  Did you know that the average life span of a marriage is 8 years anymore.*

Anyway, to celebrate this feat, all 8  of the children that my parents raised, as well as their children (and children's children) threw a party...well, two...but let's not split hairs.

I could go on for hours...days...about the qualities that keep marriages together or strategies that work...but I'll spare you (I am, after all, single myself).  My goal is just to point out the incredible job my niece did on cupcakes!  In the far back, we have strawberry lemonade, next to them is strawberry-blueberry chocolate, and in the front we have cappuccino with chocolate buttercream frosting.  They were gorgeous! (And tasty, too!)

Don't you think she should open a business?  I do.

*Or so I've heard from my father.  I haven't bothered to look that statistic up.


  1. Congrats to your parents! 50 years is quite the feat! And to have a family surrounding them to celebrate... nothing better in the world!
    p.s. I'd buy some cupcakes :)

  2. And here all this time I thought they were Raspberry Lemonade...

  3. Oh yes, the cupcakes were divine!! Tiffany definitely knows what she's doing and should open her own shop! I would buy some of her tasty creations for sure :)

    And your parents, my in-laws... they are an inspiration to me, as well as my own parents who celebrated 46 years this past April! I look forward to that many years and more with Michael!!


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