Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to work I go

The 2011-2012 school year has started.  Parents around the world are sighing in relief as they wave to their children disappearing onto yellow buses.  Mothers are taking a moment to regain their sanity after a summer of child watching.

Teachers smile and welcome new students into their classrooms.  It's a time of change for many people.

In the midst of it all, I have returned to school as well.  Finally, I am returning as a certified speech language pathologist and no longer a student myself.  Soon, children will grace my doorway and resume speech therapy in Spanish.  But until that time,  I am stuck in a disorganized office amidst piles of files and children's games.  New items for preschool arrive by the truckload and have blocked me in a corner of the office.

It has taken me a week to figure out my caseload.  A week.  You'd think I would have managed to get it done faster, wouldn't you?  Or that I would have at least managed to put the room together into a workable space.  But, of course, there is a wrench that has been thrown into the mix...I'm sharing my school and preschool with another slp.  Luckily, she's one of my close friends.  But that means finding my caseload is finding hers as well...so it's like doing two at the same time.  And she's busy starting up a new preschool program and mentoring not only me, but all of the new slps.

The next step is scheduling.  Do you think I can just "be sick" for a week and force someone else to figure it out?

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