Thursday, September 8, 2011

The fridge bit me!

Standing in my kitchen is an appliance that seems unassuming enough.  A Frigidaire, it keeps my food cold or frozen, which I need it to be.  Usually it stands there calmly, waiting for it's turn to be of use.  But the other day it must have been PMSing.

Me:  Oh fridge, I need some of your contents.
Frigidaire:  Silence.
Me: (turning away from my bowl of Spinach and Cheese Cigar filling)  Open up!
Frigidare:  Silence.
Me:  (opening the crisper)  Oh my!  What big drawers you have.
Frigidare:  All the better to eat you with!

Somehow in the process of pulling the spinach out, my finger gets caught on the inside of the drawer. I pull my hand out with a two inch cut along my pointer finger.  At first, I think it's just a minor scratch.  But oh no, there's nothing minor about this.  Not only does it sting, it starts to bleed...and bleed...and bleed...

(Maybe it's upset because we were talking about getting a more space efficient one in a few years?)

I merely wanted the big box of spinach.  I didn't want to bleed profusely into the bowl containing my dinner.

Photo courtesy of Paul Sutcliffe.

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