Friday, September 16, 2011

Dog thoughts continue

Rex in all his glory
The neighbor's dog has finally stopped barking at us.  Afternoons spent weeding will no longer have the ambiance of mad dogs staring us down.  Granted, part of that goes to the fact the neighbors have stopped watching their friends' dogs as well.  (One dog in the yard verses four, that makes a difference.)

He's pretty laid back now and doesn't care when we wander by.  The manfriend always has the urge to ply him with doggie treats.  Whatever.  I wonder what he's going to think of the new big dog that will show up in our yard...all the time.

The manfriend has the current thought to let the dog live in the backyard and the garage, being that the backyard is fully fenced and the back garage door can be left perpetually open.

The neighbors are going to hate us.

(Thank God the dog is trained.)

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