Thursday, September 15, 2011

Instant hot

Instant hot is a wonderful invention.  It allows us to make coffee, tea, soup...anything that needs to be hot, in a very fast manner.  Simply press the spigot and out pours boiling water.  The temperature is about 200 degrees F and drinks are appropriately hot.

How many times through the years have I heard "be careful, it can burn you?"  How many times do you think I've repeated that to someone else?  The manfriend rolled his eyes when I told him.  Like he would be that stupid...

Some of us apparently are.

Never, never, never take your eye off the spout.  Don't do it.  You take your eye and you glare that sucker down.  He can turn, he can spin...he can overflow or splash...he's a feisty fool.  Be in the zone, focused.  And be careful.

What you don't do is turn to contribute to the conversation at the same time you hit the spigot.  Nor do you attempt to turn on the water with one hand and reach for the tea ball with the other hand.

I, unfortunately, wasn't thinking, and as I turned to make a comment, my hand slid forward and directly under the spout as the water began to bubble...

The sensation wasn't pain exactly, more of a strong tingling shock that encompassed my hand and shot up my arm.  When I turned my head back around, I saw what was going on and immediately switched to cold water on my now-burnt skin.  That's when the actual pain set in.

This was Saturday afternoon that it happened.  I attempted to ignore the pain that shot into my fingers and up my arm, but alas, could not do so.  After a quick trip to Walgreens for burn ointment, it got a bit better. You'd think that a burn (no blistering) would go away quickly enough...

But here's my hand today.  This happened Saturday.  So, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...five days later, this is what the burn looks like...although you can't see the purple undertones and now the multicolored spots that look like they should have blistered.*  It's more painful than it looks.
Moral of the story:  Instant hot is hot.  (Well, der.)

*Alright, the picture totally looks like my hand is fine.  It's not the most representative picture.  But it's noticeable in person!  I needed better lighting.

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  1. Dang, that really sucks that it's still painful for ya!! We definitely know about the instant hot, although ours isn't working right now (they are spendy little equipment)! I can see the red but not the purple or spots! Sure hope it gets better for ya soon!!


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