Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween (cake pop) fun

I am definitely blessed with wonderful friends...the kind of best friends who will come over and support my cake pop addiction by helping create these scrumptious concoctions.  I've been wanting to make Halloween ones for a long time now.
The wonder of friends is that they ignore my oddities while conversing normally about how an earthquake will happen while zombies go on a rampage and we'll be out trying to find my friend's cat, Nala*.  We might have known each other for too long...

They merely accept my mandatory sound effects while dipping cake pops.  "First you go dloop, then it's pffffht, and voila!  It's ready!"  (Trust me, they understand.)  Sometimes, they even create their own... "Like this?  Ka-chink!" "Perfect!"

They also let me do this:
Happy pumpkin!
Scared pumpkin!
(Ignore the circles under my eyes - maybe that's why I keep being told I look tired)
Bye bye pumpkin!
They nonchalantly pat me on the head, continue dipping the candy corn cake pops and attaching ears on black cats.

"So, how are your parents?" asks one friend to the other.  This is what typical looks like in my life.

To make up for stealing my best friends away from their families, I sent goodies home.  One was specially personalized just for the friend's husband.  (Unfortunately, I did not take a picture, and he's long been eaten by now.)  Someone carved "eat me Joe!" into the pumpkin.  Wonder who that could have been?

*What, you mean this isn't typical conversation between you and your people?

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