Monday, October 24, 2011

The perfect time for the gym

I have figured it out!  The perfect time to go to the gym, for all the people who don't like going because there are too many people there who 1) watch you 2) make you uncomfortable/are gross 3)are on your machine.

Sunday nights!  Go around 6 on Sunday.  There's no one there.  Literally.

This is the scene that greeted me as I walked in to the gym tonight:

Two people were using weights when I arrived.  Two.  No one doing cardio.  By the time I left, the two men had strolled out, to be replaced by a single teenager making use of the circuit. I've never seen it that empty before.
You can do whatever you want at the gym on a Sunday night.  I took pictures.  I could have blared my music and dance around like an idiot.  I could have unplugged all the machines...locked the men's bathroom door so they couldn't use it (but would I want them using my bathroom?), gone tanning for free...

I could have run around naked.  No one would have stopped me.  I mean, maybe I would have got a talking to by the police, as the entire building has windows around it...but they don't have a keycard to get in to me.  Hmmmm... If anyone scans through the security tape, they might get a bit of a shock from it, but would they take the time to trace me and my keycard entry?  Doubtful.

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