Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where am I?

With it still being dark at six in the morning when I return from the gym, the world seems different.

Take this morning, for example.  The moon is behind clouds and there's not a star in the sky.  My yard seems dark, being that the porch lights are dim.  It's not too late in the year for the sprinklers to be running, though.
I walk up to the door, and it's mostly quiet...but the sprinklers are going in the garden pressed against the porch.  The garden features fat, red blossoms and large, dark green leaves.  It's dark.  It smells like water.  I see plants and tropical flowers.  I hear water.

For a split second I feel like I'm in the rain forest.

Okay, maybe my imagination is too quick at inventing new adventures.  (It takes about 0.00000001 second before it's veering off in a new direction.)  But I had the weird feeling I was there.  Perhaps the jungle is calling me back.  Maybe it's my longing to go to the rain forest again... to see the monkeys, walk for hours among millions of trees, catch a piranha or two...

Maybe I'd even see a pink dolphin again.  They only live in the Amazon, you know.  Or perhaps I could encounter another anaconda sunning himself in a tree.
Close, but not too close, to a lovely little big friend
I quickly shook off the moment and stepped through the door.  I know I'm not near any tropical forests.  I just want to go back.  (Who's with me?)

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