Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's not just my Tangled obsession...

Disney's Tangled is probably best known for the sky lanterns that motivate Rapunzel to leave her towering jail cell.  Not only do these paper lights call to a young girl, they brighten the sky in scenes of splendor.  They elegantly flicker to life and silently float away.  Sky lanterns aren't the only great thing about Tangled*, but they do captivate an audience.

A couple of years ago, while lounging about a hotel room in Cuenca, Ecuador, I glanced out the window to a vision I did not expect.  Lanterns were silently passing by my balcony.  The urge to slip outside and observe was too intense to ignore, and out I went.  It was beautiful.  Awe inspiring.  Surreal.  (Or maybe I'm just romantic and nonsensical.)  Apparently there is a tradition to release sky lanterns there in honor of a saint...just don't ask me which one.

Either way, I've been a sucker for them.  So imagine my surprise to find this while browsing the internet:

Must.  Buy.  Now.

*Ask the manfriend.  I beg him to buy it every time we walk into Best Buy or the movie section of Wal-mart.  Thus far he's been able to ignore my pleading.

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