Monday, November 14, 2011

The most addicting thing you've never tried

The manfriend and I are into the off-beat foods.  Aka, I like to dabble in organic, healthy, raw, vegetarian, and various ethnic foods...and he's more than happy to gobble it all up.  The one exception is when it is pretty much inedible.  (It's happened once.)  For instance, I get told I have 'strange food choices' and we stop in asian markets all the time.

The latest trips found these two gems:  #$*!  (aka, japanese health bar), and #*$& (some kind of preserved fruit with sweet and spicy flavoring).  Okay, so I'm lacking the actual japanese characters for the names, but you get the drift.  The health bar does have English writing, so we can figure out what's in it and the calorie content...the other, well, we never did figure out what the fruit was.

I take one look at the preserved fruit with spicy sauce and smile pretty.  It's yellow and slightly squishy.  Maybe a derivative of mango or some such fruit.  No thank you, honey.  You can let me know how it is.  The manfriend cuts himself off a little piece.

Kudos to him for trying it.  Fantastic for me for not eating it.  He can barely swallow it.  It's not good.  The stench isn't so appealing, either.  We decide on composting it.  Not a great find.
What's inside?  Beans, apparently.
On the other hand...japanese health bars.  99?  It contains rice flour, egg white filling (supposedly, I don't see or taste 'filling').  It's vegetarian!  It's healthy!  To sum it up, it's like a rice cake, but without the characteristic cardboard texture/taste.

Cigar shaped rice cake goodness.  Fifty nine calories apiece.  Perfect!  But like Lays, you can't eat just one.  Almost sweet, slightly salty, just plain addictive - it's my new favorite food.  Hey, it's okay...the bag says health bar, right?

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