Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pet peeves: Travel edition

Travel can be stressful, but some behaviors can make it even more so.  In honor of the traveling season, here are my can't-stand behaviors for air travel.

1.  Going against the flow while boarding.  It takes long enough for everyone to shove their way onto the plane and stow luggage that won't fit into itty bitty compartments.  Let's compound the issue by choosing to stall everyone while your worshipfulness decides to edge backwards in the onboard line.

2.  Arguing with the stewardess when asked to change seats.  Planes have to obey the laws of physics and gravity just like everything else.  If you are specifically asked to change seats to balance the plane, there must be a reason.  Alternatively, if you are asked to change seats so a family/friends can sit together, will it really kill you to make the trip slightly more enjoyable for someone else?  Or must we all bow down to your grace?

3.  Not being ready to unload your bags for security slows everyone down.  It's not as if you've been standing in the line for 10+ minutes listening to the voice (and the tv) drone on about what is allowed by TSA and what is not, or the procedure for removing shoes and coats and placing them in tubs as well.  Arguing with security personnel won't get you through any faster.  Do everyone a favor and remove your shoes so at the very least we can kiss your feet as you walk through the checkpoint.

4.  Ignoring onboard safety instructions.  The flight attendants are required to explain the safety procedures for a reason.  A review is always helpful.  Plus, even a queen mother explains to her child that it is rude to not listen when someone speaks to you.  (On a side note, even Alec Baldwin needs to listen to the flight attendants when they ask him to turn electronics off.  I don't want to die so your highness can be an idiot.)

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