Friday, January 20, 2012

Useless talent

Once again, this is a fantastic song.  And about as long as I've known of the song, I've seen this cover. These people did a great job.  The have talent, they really do.

Yet, I classify it as a useless talent.

I want one (a useless talent), I really do. How awesome would it be to play a guitar with the accompaniment of four friends? I mean, it's cool, but completely useless. What if one person gets sick...or converts into a zombie? Is four people playing the guitar as cool as five people?

Plus, it's not like it's a generalizable skill. You can't write it on a resume. It's like having the talent to juggle cats. Great. Impressive.  The cats don't mind (miraculously), you can juggle them, we all watch...but then...what?  I, unfortunately, cannot market myself off of a skill like that, although it would be nice.

Walk off the Earth can probably do pretty well for themselves playing a five person guitar (and catching ukuleles).  Kudos to them...I hope it works out.

PS.  My favorite one is the guy on the far right...just a flick here, a flick there...

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