Thursday, January 12, 2012

What do you do when there is no snow?

Make some, of course!

This month, in Language Group,* we are studying winter.  And how do you learn about concepts hot and cold if you do not have the snow which you can feel and go, "ooooh, cold," and the hot chocolate to go "ooooh, warm (hot!)" with little marshmallows that melt into the chocolatey goodness?

We need snow.  My cohort** and I have a brilliant idea.***  We shall make our own.

But how, you ask, your little minds spinning with suspicion.  How are you, ya'know, non-gods, going to make it snow?

I'm so glad you asked!  (Teachers should be moved up on that god-like scale.)  We shall use "InstaSnow."  I know you are all asking what InstaSnow knowledge of it came about a couple days ago at the initiation of this little activity.

InstaSnow consists of two ingredients:  water and powder.  Mix them together and what do you have?  Instant snow!  Water explodes into a mountain of snow on a plate, in a bowl, in a sensory table...yes!  It even feels moist to the touch, and slightly cool.  Let it sit and dehydrate for a week, and presto!  You are left with powder once again to use next year when it doesn't snow again.

It was fun to experiment with it by ourselves to make sure it would work.  It was even more fun to watch the children's faces as they saw the water explode into heaps of snow in their bowls.  Eyes grew wide, mouths dropped agape, "mira" echoed around the table.

Of course, then we dumped it in the sensory table and had a blast.  Check it out in my rather anti-climactic video.
*So-called speech therapy group for preschool-aged children.

**By cohort, I mean the other SLP, the one who provides English Language Group, whereas I provide the Spanish Language Group for the Spanish-speaking children.

***Alright, fine, it was her idea.  I just glommed on for the glory.

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