Monday, January 9, 2012

Pet peeves: Driving edition

We all have pet's a part of life.  Its time for me to decompress by sharing with all of you folk.  Today, I bring you my driving pet peeves, courtesy of the morons who grace the roads.
1.  Turn signals.  They were placed in all cars for a reason.  You can speed, you can crawl, I don't care.  You might frustrate me, annoy me, or fly right on by.  But I can't read your mind to know what you're doing when you don't use the flashing lights built into your  car.  (And then turn them off.)

2.  Tailgaters.  My father is a big tailgater, of the "let me inch right up onto your back bumper while you wait for the light to turn colors" variety. But honestly, not only does it scare me that your eyesight is going and you will hit my car before you stop, it's annoying...not to mention unsafe...and if you're that close to a manual, how do you not get dinged when the car rolls backwards before shooting forward?

3.  Texters/Phone use.  You know it's now illegal for a reason.  Pull off to the side or have the decency to wait until you're stopped at a light if you're half cat and curiosity literally kills you for the five minutes you're driving with the text light blinking.

4.  Semi trucks.  Well, you see, I had this run in with two semis who were apparently racing...and bearing down on my wee little car.  That, combined with accidents of the "I didn't see the car beside me" variety where the only reason the woman survived the crash was that she owned a convertible that slid underneath the carriage of the semi...maybe it's less of a pet peeve and more of a fear...

So, what do you think?  Do these things drive you crazy on the road or does something else bother you?  Or, by the grace of God, are you able to ignore it all?


  1. As a pedestrian, I am far mor concerned by drivers lack of interest in anything not a car. I have been almost run over no less than 8 times while walking to the grocery in the crosswalk and an additional 3 times on my Bicycle. Did I ever tell you about the time I was hit by a car when I lived in Seattle? Well, I was on the sidewalk! Drivers are an ignorant breed who care about nothing.

  2. I'm just SHOCKED you had a spelling mistake of the your/you're variety... I thought you were perfect. :D

  3. I have some driving pet peeves... when the light turns green & the first car just sits there with a 2-mile line waiting behind them; when drivers don't use their signals (already noted), and when people, other than the oldies, are out for a Sunday drive when it's not Sunday!!


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