Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh chocolate, welcome to my hips

Please excuse the not-so-perfectly dripped glaze.  I was hasty.
Schools are notorious for potlucks. Alright, maybe it's more teachers than schools.  We educators love our food.  Celebration?  Food.  Birthday?  Food.  Working late?  Food.  Random event happening?  Food.  It's Wednesday?  Food.

We celebrated para educators again this week (after the stress of conferences, ya' know, gotta get through it with food). It was also a coworker's birthday.  Count 'em...two reasons to eat.

Aka we had several potlucks this week. For some odd reason, I always get elected to bring desserts. This time I headed to the man friend to help with my inspiration: double chocolate torte, peanut butter cream torte, or chocolate peanut butter cake. (Leftovers always seem to make their quick way to him.)

Cake is the ultimate choice.

However, chocolate peanut butter cake is a lot of work...relatively.  It's a lot more work than just buying a pre-made dessert.  Therefore, the ever-caring manfriend talked me out of spending the time and effort for the time being...

(Strawberry shortcake was perfect for work:  whip up homemade whipped cream, slice a few strawberries, melt some fudge icing that needed to be used...voila!)

That is how chocolate peanut butter cake became a gift for the upcoming spring break. (Someone convinced me that they deserve it, even if my coworkers don't.)  A very tasty gift, I might add.

Someone needs to come take this cake away from me.

I licked the frosting bowl clean.  Literally.

(I might have done the same with the chocolate peanut butter glaze, too...but there was definitely no sampling of the actual final product... I swear...)

It might kill me to wait 24 hours to cut into this.
Three layers of chocolatey, peanut buttery goodness

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