Monday, April 2, 2012

The price you pay

The manfriend had a request...that we play Killzone*.  Killzone.  Killzone?!?

Now, I enjoy playing video games with the manfriend.  Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Borderlands are somewhat enjoyable time wasters.  They may help with pent up frustration, too...But Killzone?  I hate Killzone.

Not only am I bad at it, the maps are confusing and the controls are weird.  Plus, everyone who plays this game seems to be incredibly accurate shots and amazing at dodging my randomly thrown bullets.  Needless to say, I suck at this game.

Do I have to play?

I do strive to be an accommodating, engaging fiancé.

A reserved sigh.  "Okay, we can play... one hour."

(It ends up being an hour and a half of sheer frustration.)

However, everything has it's price... "You owe me."

The Orchid Show!  Two days full of bright blooms and soft scents wafting through the air.  (You do know that vanilla comes from an orchid, right?  And another orchid smells delectably like chocolate.)  Have questions?  Comments?  In the market to buy one or ten?  Need supplies?  Find it all here!

I have what one might call an addiction to orchids.  An intense love of their uniqueness.  Not only are orchids my favorite flower, I have an ever-growing collection of them.  In Ecuador, I would frequent orchid growers to stand for hours gazing over the exotic blooms.

The manfriend graciously takes care of my five orchids that live with him.  They migrated to his place when I moved away for my internship in grad school.  Another four followed me down to my current residence.

I drool over the orchids I encounter in stores.  I literally have to pull my hands back from the pots and fight the urge to place each orchid in my cart.  Resolutely, I tell myself that the manfriend will get mad if I walk in the door with another beautiful flower.

But, it's payback time.  How many orchids is gaming worth?

Apparently, only one, as that's all I managed to buy due to a lack of forward thinking when I forgot to bring my cash.  My absolute favorite flower was sold while I was trying to convince the manfriend of it's sheer awesomeness.  I ended up with this yellow and purple dendrobium (my favorite genus) instead.

*What I mean when I say Killzone, for those avid gamers out there, is really Killzone 3.

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