Thursday, June 14, 2012

An irresistible urge

I woke up with an urge on Sunday.

It's been tickling my brain for the past several months.

I couldn't help myself.
There was no cake on hand, and edible luster dust has been prying it's way into my life, though not quite my kitchen. Thus, a trip to the store was in order. But while waiting for the store to open (Sunday hours, you know), the first step began: chocolate feathers.

A few hours, a cake, and some help from a friend later, and the first peacocks began to emerge.
Soon the one became a muster. (Look it up.)
Pretty cute, no? They don't taste too bad, either.
(The eyes never quite got finished, as a frantic phone call regarding honeymoon requests arrived and I ended up on my computer eyeing tropical destinations.)

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