Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sealing wax

I have  a new obsession.

It started with invitations and has warped into a beast that cannot be controlled.

Wax seals.  You know, the old fashioned way to close a letter.
I can't stop.  I'm making them every day.  I dream at night new ways to incorporate them into my life.  My fingers twitch to buy more of the colorful wax.  (They make it in a gamut of colors, you know.)  Somehow, I have suppressed the urge to buy more seals, specifically customizing my own seals.  I will not buy them, I will not buy them, I will not buy them...
Part of the reason I enjoy sealing so much might have to do with my pyromaniac tendencies.  I do enjoy using the fire.  However, it is important to keep in mind that dripping wax is hot.
Welcome to the world of burns
If you are interested in beginning your own obsession, I recommend this website for sealing supplies.

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