Friday, August 10, 2012

I'll beat you with a stick

Last night the Russian and I were lounging around the living room, watching youtube on the tv.  (He's still trying to convince me that I want a dog.)

As we're laying in our various positions, terriers prancing around the screen, I notice a brown spot rushing across the ground.

"Uhm, honey, do you see that spider?"  The moment the words exit my mouth, the spot stops moving.  Brown on brown.  Of course the Russian doesn't see it at first.  But this arachnid makes one fatal flaw - he doesn't wait long enough and starts zooming across the floor again.  This time, instead of heading toward me on the loveseat, he changes directions and careens toward the Russian on the couch.

Now, I'm laying there with nothing but my sweats and a blanket.  The Russian is lounging around the couch with shorts, a t-shirt, and the remote.  There isn't exactly a weapon handy - no shoes, nothing heavy.

This bad boy is quickly encroaching on the Russian's territory.  With no other option, the Russian beats it dead with the remote control.  It took multiple swats and there might now be spider guts on our remote, but the man lived up to his purpose.

At least he didn't have to hit it with his bare hand.

Update: I wrote this a couple days ago.  Since then, the Russian and I were playing our respective PS3s  when I hear "do you see that big bug?"  Uhm, I'm watching my screen so I don't get shot, so no.  But, as we're both shoe-less and the only item he has at his disposal is the PS3 controller (which isn't exactly flat), the Russian had to beat it to death with his hand.

I don't think I could have done that.  But that's why he's the man (and I'm not).


  1. You should ask Matt about the spider he met while sitting shoeless on the toilet... That's a fun story.

  2. No, I never could have killed a bug or spider or anything with my hands. Did make me laugh though!


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