Friday, September 14, 2012

The Pillow Saga, pt. 2

After learning that my backaches are indeed pregnancy related (seriously, already?), I decided a body pillow (or two) was exactly what I needed.

A trip to my parents' house cemented the need for a body pillow in my mind.  My brother oh-so-graciously allowed me to claim his unused pillow, but I forgot to pile it into the car for the trip home.

The solution: buy a gigantic pillow as we near the house.  Fantastic!  A pillow, a couple pillowcases...all for less than the cost of a 'maternity' pillow.

Falling asleep with my log isn't a problem.  Unfortunately, I only have one.

This leads to a new problem... waking up flat on my back with the pillow clenched in my arms above me.  I feel like a beetle stuck on its back with no way to flip over.

Apparently, what is happening is that I feel the urge to roll, but the weight of the blankets is too heavy for my sleep-laden appendages.  I guess I do need two pillows.

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