Friday, November 9, 2012

'Tis the season

For cookies! (And cake pops...and gooey butter cake...and pumpkin pancakes with homemade whipped cream...) Mmmmmm!

It started snowing last night, thankfully after I made it home from work.  But by the time the Russian walked in, he had a light covering of snow on his jacket.
Today we awoke to more of the white powder.  It's been coming down, sometimes lazily, sometimes with determination, all day.  It's the quintessential winter afternoon for me.

And I just can't help myself.

I want - no, scratch that - I need cookies.  The ultimate comfort food in my book.  Ooey, gooey, scrumptious, warm cookies (maybe with a side of hot chocolate).  Yes, this is what today calls for.  I even ventured to the store for the eggs we ran out of.
The main problem is this - cake batter.  It somehow finds its way onto beaters and fingers.  My first inclination is to lick it off like I have for years.  (Would you expect anything less from the queen of sweets?)  But about halfway to my mouth, I remember I'm pregnant and the raw egg is a big no-no.

With a sad sigh, I keep washing fingers off in the sink, bidding farewell to small bits of deliciousness.  But now I finally have this:
Oops.  Looks like I broke one...or is that two?  Quality control time!  I'll settle for a side of regular milk for taste testing.  Maybe the hot chocolate will come out when the Russian gets home.

(The other problem with cookies and pregnancy...I grab one and walk away, forgetting to put the next sheet of cookies into the oven. It might take me a while to actually bake them all.)

(And before someone gives me a lecture on how I should be healthier during pregnancy, well, these are whole wheat cookies, so that's something, right?)


  1. YUMMO!! Bummer about not being able to eat the cookie dough, but yay for whole wheat! I'd say dig in =)


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