Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Addiction: a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance

Some people have coffee, some people have pop, and some people have tea.  We have tea.  Seriously, we spend way too much money every time we hit up the tea shops.  Our cupboards are full of green, white, roobios, herbal, black, grey, you name it - we've got it.  (There's even some stashed in the freezer - we'll always have some!)

We start to get scared when we finish a bag or two, and take another trip tot he store to ensure our need is met.

Then we started looking online.*

Hello, Teavanna.

We usually have a chance to hold, smell, and then decide on the teas we want, so we have a more educated guess as to whether or not we will like the teas.  That luxury is not permitted when ordering online.  So, we decided to get the smallest amounts possible this time.  We can decide if we like it or not and get more next time.

An hour and a credit card bill later, and our order was complete!
Our teas arrived today - seven different flavors. (Yes, I know there are eight bags there. We did get two bags worth of one kind.)

So far, I've brewed only one.  A mix of roobios and herbal tea, I really like Citrus Lavender Sage/Opus Rouge Blend.  It's also a very pretty pink color once brewed.

Anyone have suggestions of good online stores to buy tea from?  Or great flavors from Teavanna?

*Another reason we're looking for tea online...tea bags have a huge mark up in the store.  Seriously, $8.80 for a bag of 60, when I can get the same pack for $3.45, or 100 bags for $5.25.

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