Friday, July 1, 2011

Almost sleepless nights

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Well, like 5 million people in this country*, I didn't sleep too well last night.  There's just something about sleeping with my window wide open to the trees and street that appeals to me.  I enjoy the sunlight in the morning, the early morning chill as the day wakes up.  Birds singing, as they usually do, also appeal to me.  So, I just can't simply close the window.  Sue me.

Or maybe I didn't realize it was open when I laid down and am just too lazy to get up and close it.  Or maybe it's broken and stuck open.  But hey, it's the little things in life, right?  But idiot teenagers skateboarding down the street and yelling about how awesome they are in the wee hours of the almost-morning do not qualify.  Maybe a smarter or less lazy person would get up and close the window.  But me, oh no.  I'll just drift back to sleep.  No problem.  Really, no problem.  I'm a gifted sleeper who can just ignore noises and fall back asleep.**

The real problem is that I was up late reading blogs.  Some of them are too hilarious to just flip by.  Ultimately, my sleep problem comes down to the fact that I was too engrossed in sarcastic online chit chat that had tears streaming down my cheeks from laughter.  Maybe I overdid it.  Just maybe.  It was only 1... 30...ish when I went upstairs to bed.  And I only maybe read more on my phone before I closed my eyes.
My friend has an early morning job, so I vaguely recall surfacing to consciousness when she got up and started bustling about.  Maybe an hour later, her cats were pawing at my door.  Not in a cute come-play-with-me fashion, but in an open-the-freaking-door-and-let-me-sleep-in-your-warm-spot way.  Needless to say, I fully ignored the banging.

However, as the world awoke and the street beyond my window filled up with cars, some quiet, some in need of new mufflers, and some blaring crappy rap music, my eyes worked themselves open.  6:30.  Not exactly the best sleep ever.  Let's see if I can do better.  7:10.  Alright, alright, I'm awake.  Just take that whiney country song away when the light turns green.

Yet now that I'm up and showered and have whiled away my morning waiting for my friend to have a several hour break from work, it's time to go exploring again and decide what can delight my taste buds today.  Walla Walla might be lacking in a few diversions, but food is definitely not one of them.  There are cafes, restaurants, chains, hole-in-the-walls, and bars with actually decent food.  But then again, there is the Green Spoon.  I might give in to my stomach's rumbling in a couple hours and hit up the Greek Veggie Sandwich again.  Delish.  I think I will.

*I totally made that number up.  If you're interested in the number of people who have trouble sleeping, go google or bing it or whatever you do.

**I don't actually have trouble sleeping, no matter what you believe after reading this.  My body just matches the sun and I'm dumb enough to stay up late and make myself sleep deprived.  I know it's my fault.  And I am blessed with the gift of barely acknowledging the world and drifting back to sleep quickly.  If you don't believe me, well, call me t 3:00 am and see if I get pissed.  Chances are 99% that I won't.

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