Friday, July 1, 2011

Driving...and driving...and driving...

The drive between Walla Walla and Spokane, is, well, boring.  That is to say that it's too long.  I decided to be adventurous and take the back way between the cities, which means a little one lane highway that hits up practically every small (read: miniscule) town that exists even remotely close to what we could consider between these two cities.

My decision came about by the fact that I drive from the TriCities to Spokane waaaay too often.  Keeping that in mind, the options to arrive at my destination are either go the back route, or hop on the freeway over to the Tri and then take the same route I always take.  Uhm, I'll take the former, please!

To my delight, the drive itself isn't too bad.  There's rolling hills, wheat fields, and blue sky as far as my eyes can see.  Scenery: gorgeous.  Road: too small.  I almost immediately get stuck behind a moving van.  Then behind a semi...or two.  Then a couple of trucks hauling ginormous boats.  Seriously, I could have fit my car into this boat - twice.  And for some reason unbeknownst to me, one car decides that it wants to go 10-15 mph under the speed limit.  Okay, I get that the speed limit is for ideal conditions.  But look around you...these are ideal conditions.

I try to stay in a fairly decent mood on my drive, with my window down and the wind pulling at my hair.  That's how I enjoy summer driving, yessir-y.  My music is on, and even with the slow pace, I'm able to be relatively happy and not cursing the drivers I pass when oncoming traffic makes it possible.

My problem is that the drive is so long.  So long.  Really.  Over three hours.  I've done the drive from the Tri to Spokane so many times I can almost ignore the time it takes (2 hours, 10 min. for Pasco, 2 1/2 hours for Richland).

Okay, so the drive could be worse.  It could be 20 hours or something crazy like that.  But for me, this three hour drive just sucked the life out of me.  Maybe it's the combination of the sun, food, and drive?  I dunno.  But I think now that I've written something, I'm going to go collapse on the bed and the manfriend can nudge me awake with a pan when he gets here and wants dinner.

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