Friday, July 1, 2011

Ecuador es parte de mi alma (Ecuador is part of my soul)

House Hunters International is running about an American couple who wants to move to Ecuador.  The male in this relationship has visited for business, and so logically, why wouldn't they buy a vacation home and spend winters there?

I have to admit, real estate is cheap in Ecuador.  Even in Salinas, a beach town, it's dirt cheap.  The program starts and panpipes start up and the Andes splash across the screen, soon overridden with the waves of the Pacific.  My heartbeat immediately quickens and my knees get weak.  Why isn't it me?  I could very happily invest in real estate in Ecuador...and on the beach, even better.  They claim it's less than $100 a square foot for beachfront property.  Whimper.  I'll move to a smaller town.  Salinas?  I can do better.  Really.  Yes, Canoa is beautiful, casual, and friendly.  And as they're declaring on the tv, Ecuador has "great" weather (I'd call it ideal), the people are friendly, and the infrastructure is stable.  I'd also like to add to this list that Ecuador is also on US currency.  Having the same currency really makes transitions easy.  And have I mentioned it's cheap?

So, Canoa...only my favorite beach since the day I arrived on it's sandy shores.  Sun.  Sand.  Friendly.  Casual.  Occasional beach fires.  Surfing.  Pinguinos.  Hammocks.  Waves.  Not overrun by foreign tourists.  In a word: Perfect.
Looking at the cliffs
I guess if the beach doesn't work out for me, there's always the valley of longevity.
Always a new trail to hike
Dominated by mountains, Vilcabamba has a slow pace to walk hand-in-hand with stress-free living and the simple massages.  The best massages I've ever had, and the cheapest:  Vilcabamba.  No wonder people live until they're 100+.
A place to relax with a beautiful view
Give me a hike, a book, and a hammock, and I'm set for the week.  To quote Shakespeare: I like this place, and could willingly waste my time in it.

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