Monday, September 12, 2011

And doggie makes three

The manfriend wants a dog.  More specifically, he wants his dog back.  For most of you, this is not an issue.  Oh, a dog.  How quaint.  He can run and play and dogs create a sense of family.  I can tell that's what you're already thinking.

But this isn't just any dog.  Oh no.  This is a rottweiler.  A rottweiler.
Say hello to Rex
I'm the girl who climbed her friend's mom when a dog ran inside the door barking.*  I'm the child that wouldn't go over to someone's house who had a dog.  My parents bought a puppy to torture me as a child, and I climbed on the kitchen table and screamed when he found his way inside.

Sampson, the golden puppy...and the closest I ever got to him.
I don't ask to pet stranger's dogs while out on a walk.**  I don't even smile at them.***

I am not a dog person.

If, as a kid, I didn't even like Sampson, our golden retriever puppy, how am I supposed to be okay with a rottweiler?  They're not exactly known for having a sunny disposition and easygoing manner.  They're not small, easily controlled animals.

But the manfriend insists that he would like the rottie back.  With a deep breath, I'm willing to give it a go...after all, if he doesn't have to pay his ex money to take care of the dog, that's a good thing, right?  Now, we just have to see if she will actually give him back.

*Yes, I literally climbed the woman.  I don't think she'll ever let me forget it, either.

**It doesn't matter if they are panting and wagging their tails.  In milliseconds the teeth can come out and gnashing can  Just no.

***The one exception:  Huskies.  Because, well, they're huskies, which are just awesome animals.

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  1. I remember you have always been terrified of dogs but I do have to say every Rott I have ever met has been a big scary looking lovable baby.


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