Friday, October 7, 2011

Settling the dog issue

Well, the manfriend decided it was time to put his figurative foot down and request Rex (the rottie) back from his ex.

It didn't go over well...and not just because I didn't want a dog.*

She basically said in no uncertain terms was he allowed to adopt HER family.  But of course, the manfriend should continue the $2K installments for his care.  Funny how an animal is now a person and related to her (and the manfriend is required for maintenance).   But, I'll let it go...

The ex seems to have some unresolved anger issues, and would rather give Rex to anyone BUT the manfriend.  I'll spare you the ugly details of their encounter.

Okay.  So be it.  We are now officially staying dog-less.

Which means:  I can leave my shoes around the house....wires don't have to be completely taped down and and dvd/blu ray cases don't have to be behind shut doors...I won't have to clean dog fur off/out of every nook and cranny...

I'm relieved to maintain my lifestyle, albeit a bit unnerved by the confrontation.

*My particular feelings on dogs not withstanding, I was open to attempting to live with the animal.

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