Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To cater or not to cater

Some of you know of my addiction to sweet little morsels of cake mashed up with frosting and dipped in chocolate.  Said goodness is then decorated to be the most sickeningly scrumptious treat you can imagine.

Cake pops.
I do not claim to be a master, but I can't stop making them.  By making them I mean eating them.

Recently, I made cake pops, partially because I wanted to, and partially because it was around my birthday.

Each time I make cake pops, I want to make something new and cuter.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Birthday/thank you butterflies with flowers.
"Fancy" glitter snowballs.
And my personal all-time favorite:  Snowmen.
The recent ones earned me the not-uncommon* "Can you make these for me?"  One of my coworkers wants me to make some for her daughter's soon-to-be birthday.  She's offering to pay the cost of materials...and labor.  Now, I can't justify asking her to cover my time and effort (yet), but it is tempting.  All through grad school people have told me how I could cater part time around my career in speech therapy.

I'm starting to think it might be a good idea.

*People have asked me to make cake pops for their weddings**.  It hasn't worked out with anyone, yet, but I'm hopeful to be able to make some for my own wedding someday.

**It's not limited to cake pops, or to weddings.  Everything from truffles to rye bread to Spinach and Cheese Cigars has been requested...


  1. YES, you do wonderfully, yummy work and if someone wants to pay you for making them for an occasion, you should DO IT!! It's a little extra spending $$ and you are so talented with the creativity of them. Have to say that my favorite are the snowmen :)

    JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! The snowmen are my favorite, too. I decided to let people pay me to make them.


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