Thursday, December 29, 2011

Car sale strategies

Photo courtesy of The Torque Report
The navigation system in the fiancé's car recently took a turn for the worse.  While we were nursing it back to health (alright, having aspects of it replaced), we decided that it was time for us to look to upgrading my car.  We had time to kill, were interested in the differences between the TSX and the TL, and the fiancé is bound and determined to get me into a new car.

I'm not sure why, but he's convinced the current car is a piece of junk.  It's a "piece of junk" that has lasted me 8 years and 90,000 (of my own) miles, with no baggage to drag me down into the pits of despair.  Even now, my Intrigue is nowhere near it's last leg and continually meets my high travel demands.  True, two of the windows don't open, but that's superficial when you get down to it.

My car still loves me.

However, I am now being seduced by the Acura family that my fiancé is introducing me to.  Hello navigation system.  How are you doing back up cam?  Hold me close, self-heating seats.  I can't find anything I don't like about these cars, and apparently consumer reports agree.


But.  That's the key.  I have no intention of buying a car from someone who annoys me*.  Those cars are not cheap.  You want to comment on how the Russian fiancé has a Ukrainian accent?  We just think you're stupid.  Continue by feeding us inaccurate historical tidbits?  Sorry, I watch the History channel, too, and you got it wrong.  Tell me that my surname is Scandinavian and then get pissy when I say, yeah, should probably know that Swedes and  Danes historically haven't gotten along before you keep lumping us together.  Also, lecturing me on my antecedents isn't too keen, either, as that is an area I unequivocally do know more than you.  Plus, really, every story you begin about your family as a ring of untruth to maybe you don't want to keep going.

Now, getting back to actually buying a to us about it, explain it's features, give us a test drive**.  Don't assume that just because I just graduated college (with a masters degree, not a bachelor's like you keep spouting)  I am unable to afford a car.  Then, if you've spent the past hour basically lying to us, we don't feel inclined to believe you when you talk about pricing and how fantastic this car truly is.  Or the fact that the following morning you're pleading with us to buy it at what was the out the door price.

Thank you, but you're the perfect example as to why we are not buying a car from matter the price.  Plus, "I'm not pressuring you" when we say for the nth time that we're not interested in buying a car today does not mean "sign on the dotted line."

*Establishing rapport comes from trust and communication - not from alienating those you are talking to.  Maybe you should build on the fact your wife works with autistic children and so do I, or your daughter is getting married two weeks before we are...not jokes that fall flat, like the "Finnish curse" (a flat butt).

**FYI:  Pretending that only men can unlock the new special door is extremely sexist, especially when I'm the one looking for the car.  Hand me the key and shut your mouth.  I know how "keyless" cars work.

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