Monday, August 20, 2012

How much is too much?

I consider myself a fruit lover.  From apples to strawberries, pineapple to passionfruit*, lychee to kumquats, I love it all.

But then I met the Russian.

We frequent the farmer's market each weekend while it runs to stock up on fruits and vegetables.  This is our typical Saturday haul: 2 heads lettuce, 1 bunch scallions, 1 onion, tomatoes, random mix of additional vegetables, occasional potatoes**, and fruit that is in season.

(Newsflash for those who don't pay attention: it's berry season.)

Lately the haul has morphed into boxes of fruit.  (Keep in mind that a box of fruit contains at least 6 cartons of berries, or is exploding with tree fruit.)  We have strawberries and raspberries - not mixed together, but rather a box of each.  There is a gallon sized bag of huckleberries (sorry, don't ask, he doesn't share), and a box of peaches.  We decided to pass on the cherries this time, being that we finally arrived at the farmer's market 10 minutes before it closed this past week.

Plans are still in the works for bananas and pineapple as well...for breakfast and smoothies, you know.

There's two of us.  How we're supposed to eat all this fruit before it goes bad, I'm not sure.  But we'll make a valiant effort.

*aka, the best food ever.

**A hearty potato-based diet, anyone? Don't fear, we always have some.  We typically end up buying huge bags from the store instead of the farmer's market.


  1. I'd suggest a bunch of smoothies to help eat all those yummy fruits before they get bad :) LOOKS DELICIOUS!

    1. We have smoothies every day...and as a topping/side/salad with every meal.

  2. We make jelly or jam and pies when we get too much fruit. Then you can even freeze the pie if you don't just eat it. :)

    1. See, that still requires him to like fruit pie (or to be willing to give up the berries in a pie for the holidays). And I'm not into the jam too much, although I do turn huckleberries into a great waffle/pancake topping. :)


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