Friday, August 24, 2012

Pickled peppers, anyone?

Pepperoncini.  Golden Greek Peppers.  Pepper-ccini.  Tasty little peppers pickled in vinegar.  Yes please!

I remember having contests with my brother: who could eat more straight from the jar before someone puckered?  If I remember right, I probably lost most of those contests, but they were a ritual we enjoyed when they were placed upon the table.

Those times are long since gone.

But my affinity for the peppers has not waned.  No matter how many people stare in wonder when I eat my pickled peppers, no matter how many people pick them out of their salads, I forge on in my love affair.  Nowadays, I buy myself a jar and finish it in about a day.
(And no, it's not a pregnancy thing.)

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